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Explore our impressive portfolio of projects that showcase our expertise, creativity, and commitment to delivering exceptional results in the fields of writing, directing, editing, photographing, and producing.

The Encounter

Set in 1967 during the Nigeria-Biafra civil war, an imprisoned Emmanuel Ifeajuna is summoned by Biafran Commander-in-Chief for one last conversation, one last encounter. Based on the fictional short story “The Encounter” by the historian, Henry Onyema. Written by Sammy Ebgemawei & Freddie O. Anyaegbunam Jr.

The Oasis

“A decade long odyssey reaches its crescendo. Lost amongst the sands of time, you find shelter at an oasis. Forgo the destination, as you yourself become a mirage.” A short film about two lost lovers, created as a concept shot for commercials. Written and directed by Tony Chuka.


The Weekend

Get ready to be gripped by fear in "The Weekend," a chilling Nigerian horror film brought to life by Trino Motion Pictures. Brace yourself for a terrifying journey as this spine-tingling thriller prepares to unleash its horrors at the end of the year. Written by Vanessa Kanu & Freddie O. Anyaegbunam Jr.

The First Reason to Die

Jason, still seeking revenge for his brother’s death, comes up with a plan to trap Mr. Hamzer, a nurse at the hospital where his brother died. Produced by Tony Chuka.

The Nancy Isime Show

Talk show hosted by the talented Nancy Isime. Season 2 written by Freddie O. Anyaegbunam Jr.

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