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About Ijele - Unearthing the Magic

Ijele Studios is a development studio that combines traditional African storytelling with modern visual narratives. Our goal is to reconnect with our Nigerian and African audience, as well as the wider Pan-African diaspora, through visually stunning films, television series, art, and podcasts.


Our philosophy is to create groundbreaking and challenging stories with the swagger of 90s Nollywood, told with the authenticity of our old folktales, and the confident sharpness of Postcolonial African literature. Our aim is to bring African stories back to the forefront of international media.


Our founder brings a unique perspective to the studio, combining their love for history and art, their fondness for 90s Nollywood movies, their experiences living and working in different cultures, and their background in academic and field research, as well as in counter-terrorism operations. Our stories aim to evoke strong emotions and connect with the audience.


We believe that the time is ripe for a new Golden Age of African storytelling, and Ijele Studios is at the forefront of this movement. The success of recent African-inspired films like Black Panther and The Woman King proves that there is a global market for African ideas. Join us in unearthing the magic of African storytelling.


The Ijele team is a small group of individuals with a background in entertainment, business, and technology. Their collective resume includes award-winning film production, writing experience, work at Miramax Studios and the Library of Congress, and hospitality expertise. Their target audience is anyone who is a fan of a good story, and they aim to tell original stories that speak to people across the world.


Ijele has several film ideas in different genres, including romantic comedy, action thriller, drama, animation, and film noir/horror. We hope to become a self-sufficient development studio and are working towards various milestones, including the completion of scripts, independent production, and distribution deals.


The overall mission of Ijele is to inspire and teach the next generation about the importance of African stories in a globalised society. We hope to create visual stories that have a big reach and inspire the next creatives to do the same for future generations.

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